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Clean, long life and reliable solar home lighting solutions

Home lighting System is powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) directly to electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries and used for the purpose of lighting whenever required. These systems are useful in non-electrified rural areas and as reliable emergency lighting system for important domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The SPV systems have found important application mostly in rural areas.

The Solar Home Lighting system is a fixed installation designed for domestic application. The system comprises of Solar PV Module (Solar Cells), charge controller, battery and lighting system (lamps & fans). The schematic of the System is given below. The solar module is installed in the open on roof/terrace – exposed to sunlight and the charge controller and battery are kept inside a protected place in the house. The solar module requires periodic dusting for effective performance.

The above systems are designed to give a daily working time of 3-4 hours with a fully charged battery. The system provides for buffer storage for 1-2 non-sunny /cloudy days.

Portable yet Powerful System

The low cost solar home lighting solution is an advanced portable solar lighting system, ideal for remote area / village dwelling. It is pollution-free and an excellent replacement for conventional kerosene lamps and lanterns. The low cost solar solution can run 3 pcs high efficiency, long life LED bulbs and a universal mobile phone battery charger charging most available cell phones on the market. The solar energy generated by the Solar Module in the daytime is stored in a new generation lithuim battery, and it can back up the LED lamps for 6-8 hours.

How to Charge

The Solar module should be placed outside in direct sunlight away from shade (e.g. tree, building etc…); south facing in the northern hemisphere or north facing in the southern hemisphere. Remember that shade will move as the sun moves at different times of the day. Position it so that it will not get damaged by animals or vehicles and to reduce the chance of theft.

LED Bulb Lighting

The attached LED bulb can give enough brightness for study and do house work in the night, it is with 3M cables, you can hang it in the suitable place, The 3 bulbs can last for 8 hours after the battery fully charged.

Charge Mobile Devices

The solar lighting solution has an additional universal mobile phone charger feature which can charge most available cell phones on the market The universal mobile phone charger can charge any type mobile phone battery, the charging current is about 500MA, It needs only 4 hours to full charge a 3.6V/1000mAH Mobile phone battery.

  • Portable
  • Long life and high performance
  • Economical
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Smart battery management system with battery charging
  • Low battery and load cut-off indicators
  • Over load, short circuit and open circuit protection
  • Adjustable direction of light for varied applications

  • Power to LED Light
  • Power to Regular Bulb
  • Power to CFL Bulb
  • Mobile Charging
  • Low Power Devices

Components - Champion Home Power System
  • 3 Light Lamps of LED Luminaries
  • 1 Solar Panel
  • 1 Charge Controller (Inbuilt)
  • Lithium Battery (Inbuilt)

Technical Specifications
Model : S.P.G. 5W
Battery7.4V 3000MAh
Type of BatteryLithium
Panel Rating5W / 12V
Charging ONRed LED
Charging FULLGreen LED
Output ONGreen LED
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)140x75x36 (Control Unit)
Total Weight (approx.)3 kgs
Backup Time (Typical)
Single Lamp18 Hrs
Double Lamp12 Hrs
Tripple Lamp06 Hrs
Battery Charging Time
5W/12V PanelMinimum 2 days with good insulation

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Model : S.P.G. 5W

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