Champion LED Street Light



LED street lights with 30-100W single high power LED. It's perfect combination with solar energy. No UV, IR, lead and mercury.


Branch City streets and roads, Office, Pavements, Squares, Schools, Parks, Yards, Inhabitancy area, Factories and many more.
Our products are provided with customization facility and are highly cost Effective

  • Save 50%-75% electricity cost comparing with sodium street lights
  • 50,000 hours life span
  • Lower maintenance charges
  • Less Heat emission
  • Eco friendly (no UV, IR, lead, mercury or air pollution)
  • Improved night visibility due to higher color rendering, higher color temperature and increased illuminance uniformity
  • Instant-on with no run-up or re-strike delays
  • No mercury, lead or other known disposable hazards
  • Vacuum metallic membrane plating reflector
  • High intensity toughened glass covers
  • Perfect combination with solar energy
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Compact design
Benefits of LED Street Light
High Lumen Output

LED offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamp without emission harm to the environment.

Tremendous Energy Savings

High power LED light sources are extremely efficient returning a 50 to 80% saving over conventional sodium or mercury lamp.

Long Life

Operating for an average of 10 hours per day LED has a life span of up to 13 years, 50,000 hours. Unlike traditional light bulbs LED is not fragile and susceptible to breakage or vandalism.

High Color Index

LED has an unique color index providing bright, true colors during night time hours.

Revolutionary Photometric Design

Highly focused LED optical system provides a regular rectangular beam pattern with uniform brightness, reducing dark patches and light loss between light sources.

No Glare or Strobe Effect

LED light sources do not produce glare or strobe effect common in conventional street lighting, reducing visual fatigue for drivers and pedestrians alike.

No Dust Absorption or Yellowing

Because LED operates at low voltage and low temperature there is no reduction in brightness or yelling, which is associated with traditional street lighting, over the life span of the LED.

High Efficacy

High bay LED lighting, low bay LED lighting and aisle LED lighting fixtures deliver high efficacies or lumens per watt.

Energy Efficient

Minimal energy to operate and operate coolly, delivering savings of up to 70% on energy costs.

Extremely Low Maintenance

No maintenance for the lifetime

Instant Start

Unlike sodium lights, LED lights do not require a time delay to reach optimum brightness levels.

  • Communities and campuses
  • Streets, roads and highways
  • Parks and pathways
  • Farms and villas
  • Forest and off-grid areas
  • Perimeter and security lighting
  • Parking areas
  • Gate lighting
  • Railway yards and stations
  • Rural villages and panchayats
  • Any commercial Area
  • Factories
  • Other in Accessible Areas
Technical Specifications
Model : ST-30W AC, ST-50W AC & ST-100W AC
LED SourcesSingle High Power LED
Luminous Efficiency≥ 80lm/W
Input VoltageAC (110V~270V)
Power Factor (PF)>0.9
Efficiency of the Power Supply>90%
Effective Light Angle140 Degree
Color Rendering Index>80
Color Temperature2700K~7000K
Net Weight (kg)4.0 KG - 6.0 KG
MaterialsHigh-purity aluminium
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Model : ST-30W AC / ST-50W AC / ST-100W AC

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