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High-tech next generation all-in-one
solar street lighting solution for roadways

All In One Solar Street Light

Smart Integrated Solar Street Light

The Champion Smart Integrated Solar Street Light offers high brightness and versatility with an exceedingly long duration of power backup, with no cable and easy installation requirements. These lights can be used for rural areas as well as urban areas, educational institutes, courtyards, parks, hotel complexes, parking lots, bicycle and pedestrian walkways, amusement parks and a wide variety of other locations.

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Advantages Over Conventional Solar Street Light


  • Rugged technology

    The solar powered streetlight is designed based upon our extensive experience of using electrical and electronic equipment in harsh environments. Our engineered solutions require less maintenance and reduced part replacements due to initially incorporating higher quality components.

  • High efficiency - No wastage of any electricity

    There is no addtional parts, no wires & no external connection, that's why no wastage of any electricity and consumes less energy, so it increases the effeciency of all in one solar street light than conventional street light.

  • Lower initial cost as well as lower operation cost

    It is less expensive to purchase, install and operate a solar powered streetlight than a traditional streetlight.

  • Compact design - All in one fully integrated system

    Our design and technology implementation has been driven by our desire to eliminate the need for bulky external battery boxes and external solar panels to achieve all in one fully integrated solar powered streetlight. To achieve this, we have designed our system to have maximum light output with minimum power consumption, using high efficiency solar cells located directly on the light fixture.

  • Easy and faster installation

    Our design offers an easy to use solution which requires no installation apart from mounting the product on the pole. Since you don’t need to trench power lines, run wires up the pole, connect the wires to an electrical grid, or hard wire the streetlight, the installation is significantly faster. It can be installed on the pole before it is erected, thereby reducing a step completely in the installation process. This serves as a massive advantage because the areas in which these products are majority required, do not have access to skilled technicians who are needed to install conventional models.

  • There is no site limitation, install it anytime-anywhere

    The solar powered streetlight can be used in any location. Since no electrical grid is required, it can be installed on village roads, pathways, buildings and any in remote locations by simply hanging it on a pole.

  • Reduces the damage and theft beacuse of no spare parts to steal

    By locating the solar panel directly on to the light fixture and placing the battery within the light fixture, the risk of damage, theft or tampering is greatly reduced. There are no wires on the street pole, hence wiring itself can’t be tampered with or stolen and sold for scrap.

  • Insect swarms free beacuse there's no infrared light

    The solar powered streetlight uses LED lighting, which does not produce infrared light, and therefore will not a attract insects. (No more moths and other flying insects swarming around the light!)

  • Improved safety - No accidents in the event of power outage

    The solar powered streetlight does not require connection to an electrical grid. It is safer and easier to install. In the event of a power outage, the light remains on.

  • Direction free - No need to set as per sunlight's direction

    Can be installation in any direction, its flat solar panel design remove limitation to set solar light according to sun-light direction and gives more time for charging.

  • Longer battery life reduces the replacement battery cost

    Life of battery offered in our AIOSSL have a much longer lifespan (>1500-2000 cycles) and are more environment friendly. Commonly used batteries include Lead Acid/Lithium Ion batteries which offer may be half the lifespan as compared to AIOSSL. More frequent battery replacement is an additional cost.

  • Easy transportation helps to save time and cost involve in logistics

    When transporting the goods to far off places in rural area, this integrated design is seek and “flat-packs” and is hence easy to transport. Whereas in conventional street light, the packaging is usually bulky due to the battery box mainly and hence, is more cumbersome to transport.

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  • All in One intelligent integrated design
  • Powered completely by the sun, 100% energy saving
  • No cables needed, making it easy to install
  • Modern portable design which can be installed anywhere
  • Compact volume can save freight and installation costs
  • Rust Proof, Dust Proof and Water Proof


The product can be used for new rural construction, manor, villa, courtyard, park, parking, bicycle and pedestrian walkways, children entertainment, farm and pier etc.


ModelAIOSSL - 4010
Solar Panel Max Power40 W (High Efficiency Multi Crystalline Silicon)
Solar Panel Life time25 years
Battery TypeLithium Battery : 14.8V, 12 / 15 AH (178 / 222VAH)
Battery Life Time5 Years
LED Lamp (with Sensor) Max Power10 W COB
LED Chip BrandCree / Bridgelux from Taiwan with High Brightness
LED Lumen (LM)1100-1200 lm
LED Lamp Life Time50000 Hours
LED Lamp Viewing Angle120°
Charge Timeby Sun 7 Hours
Normal Mode TimeMore than 12 Hours
Power Saving ModeMore than 18 Hours
Working Temperature Range (°C)-20°C ~ +60°C
Colour Temperature Range (k)5000 - 6000k
Mounting Height Range (m)4-5m
Protection TypeIP65
Product Size (mm)550 x 610 x 80
Product Weight9 kg
Packing Size (mm600 x 650 x 220
Packing Weight (Carton)10 kg
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice


Model : AIOSSL - 4010

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